91 Express Lanes Account

How do I open an account?

The easiest way to open an account is online. You can also download an application and submit it by mail to 91 Express Lanes, 301 Corporate Terrace Circle, Corona, CA 92879, or visit us in person at:

Corona Customer Service Center
301 Corporate Terrace Circle
Corona, CA 92879

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m
Monday through Friday

OCTA Store
600 S. Main Street
Orange, CA 92868

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
Monday through Friday

How much does it cost to open an account? Are there any monthly fees?

The cost to open an account and monthly fees vary depending on the account plan you select. Three account plans are available. To help you decide which plan is best for you click here.

If I sign up for 91 Express Lanes online today, when will I receive my transponder?

You will receive your transponder via USPS mail to the address listed on your application within three to five business days of your account opening. During the account creation process you can also select to pick up the transponder at one of our two locations for faster service.

Can I find out my current 91 Express Lanes account balance online?

You can view your current account balance by logging into your account and clicking My Dashboard. Toll transactions are viewable 24/7.

How do I add money to my account?

If you have a credit card or bank account linked to your account, we will automatically charge the card or debit your bank account when your pre-paid account balance requires replenishment. You can also log into your account and make a one-time payment, or mail a check or money order, please mail payment to:

91 Express Lanes
P.O. Box 68039
Anaheim, CA 92817

Please include your account number when providing payment by mail.

How do I make changes to my account?

The easiest way to update your contact information, vehicle information or billing information is by logging into your account. Keeping your account information current helps us provide you with excellent customer service.

What happens if I don’t keep my credit card current?

91 Express Lanes accounts are pre-paid accounts. If you set up your account with a credit card, your credit card will be charged each time your account requires additional funds. If your credit card declines or expires, we will be unable to replenish your pre-paid account balance. Your account may become ineligible for toll charges. Transactions will be processed as toll evasion violations, which are subject to penalties and collection action as required by law.

What if I get a new vehicle or get rid of a vehicle?

Log into your account to update your vehicle information and to purchase a new sticker transponder. Also, remove your old vehicle information and sticker transponder from your account to avoid paying future tolls on that vehicle. The sticker transponder is single use and cannot be moved. A switchable transponder can be moved between vehicles.

What if I have a rental car?

You can use a switchable transponder in a rental vehicle by adding the plate number to your account online for the period of time you will have the vehicle. If you do not have a switchable transponder, log into your account to order one. If the plate is not listed on your account and the transponder is not read, the transaction will be processed as a toll evasion violation, which may be subject to penalties by the 91 Express Lanes and/or the rental company.

Why do you need my contact information?

Current contact information (address, email, phone) allows us to contact you with information about your account. Your email address will be used to provide account statements and automatic notices related to your account, such as a low account balance or upcoming expiration of your credit card. Please note that a Notice of Toll Evasion Violation is mailed to the address on file with the DMV, which may be different than your account address.

What if I forgot my username?

Click on Forgot Username, then enter your Account Number and registered email address. An email containing the username will be sent to the email address associated with the account.

What if I forgot my password?

Click on Forgot Password located below the text field to enter password on the Login screen, then enter your Username and registered email address and click on the ‘Send Reset Link’ button. The link to reset your password will be sent to your registered email address.

How do I close my account?

Select the Manage Account tab, then select Request Account Closure. You will receive a notification when the account has been closed. Your transponder(s) will be deactivated and any use of them will result in a Notice of Toll Evasion Violation. After approximately 30 days, any remaining balance will be refunded to the card on file or by check if the card is not available.

Does the California Consumer Privacy Act apply to the 91 Express Lanes?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (Civil Code §1798.100 et seq.) does not apply to the 91 Express Lanes, which are operated by the Orange County Transportation Authority and the Riverside County Transportation Commission. However, the 91 Express Lanes is committed to protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information, in accordance with the requirements of Streets and Highways Code §31490. If you would like to learn more about how we collect, share, use and protect your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Can I use the 91 Express Lanes if I have an account with a third-party mobile payment processor through an app such as Go Toll, PayTollo, Uproad, etc.?

The 91 Express Lanes does not have an arrangement with any of the third-party mobile payment processors at this time. Use of the 91 Express Lanes requires a FasTrak transponder issued by any California toll agency. If you have an arrangement with one of the third-party mobile payment processors and use the 91 Express Lanes, a notice of toll evasion violation will be issued.

Do veterans with disabled or Special Recognition License Plates get a discount on the 91 Express Lanes?

Yes! 91 Express Lanes account holders with a Disabled Veteran or a Special Recognition License Plate issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with a valid FasTrak account and transponder may qualify for free travel after the license plate has been added to a Special Access Account. For additional information please visit Promotions / Discounts page.

If you have a FasTrak account with another agency, please contact them to register your license plate. There is no need to have multiple FasTrak accounts.

FasTrak® Transponder

Why is a transponder required?

The 91 Express Lanes operates with a state-of-the-art electronic toll collection system which requires a FasTrak® transponder. This transponder-based system allows travel without stopping to pay a toll.

To use the 91 Express Lanes, vehicles must have a properly mounted FasTrak® transponder associated with a pre-paid account.

Failure to comply while travelling on the 91 Express Lanes is a violation of the California Vehicle Code and may result in the issuance of a toll evasion violation notice or citation by the California Highway Patrol.

Do I need a transponder for each of my vehicles?

Yes. Each vehicle travelling on the Express Lanes is required to have a properly mounted transponder. If you would like an additional transponder, you may request one by logging into your account. If you have an occasional use for a transponder in an additional vehicle, it is highly recommended that you add the plate to your account and obtain an additional set of adhesive strips so you can mount the FasTrak® Flex® switchable transponder in the additional vehicle prior to the time of travel.

Do I need a switchable transponder?

No, you do not need a switchable transponder to travel on the 91 Express Lanes or to receive the 3+ carpool discount.

However if you plan to travel on the Los Angeles Metro ExpressLanes, Express Lanes in the Bay Area, 15 Express Lanes in Riverside County and wish to receive a discount for carpooling, you will need a FasTrak® Flex® switchable transponder. Log into your account to purchase a switchable transponder.

How do I install my transponder?

The 91 Express Lanes requires all users to have a transponder mounted according to these instructions.

Interior Mounted Transponder Installation

  1. Clean mounting area inside of windshield and let dry.
  2. Peel backing and affix to inside windshield, smoothing the sticker flat or pressing the switchable transponder's adhesive strips firmly against the glass.
Switchable Transponder
Switchable Transponder
Sticker Transponder
Transponder placement
DualLock Placement

Exterior Mounted Transponder Installation

  1. Clean and dry the vehicle headlamp in the chosen tag placement area.
  2. Carefully remove the transponder sticker tag by peeling the backing down from the tag(see illustration below). Minimize contact with the adesive of the backing, and avoid sharply bending or folding the tag.
    Headlamp Tag Mounting
    Headlamp Tag Mounting
  3. Locate a position on the headlamp at least 2 inches from any metal and smoothly press the transponder against the headlamp surface working from on end to avoid tapping air bubbles.
Position on the headlamp
Position on the headlamp

Where can I use my transponder?

You can use your 91 Express Lanes FasTrak® transponder on any toll facility in California. The 91 Express Lanes exchanges information with the other toll operators within the state to provide you with seamless travel with a single account. If you wish to receive a carpool discount on an Express Lane other than the 91 Express Lanes, you will need a FasTrak® Flex® switchable transponder. Log into your account to purchase a switchable transponder.

To view a map and websites of all California toll facilities and information regarding their toll rates and policies, click here.

What should I do if my transponder is lost or stolen?

Notify us immediately. You will be required to purchase a new transponder and will be responsible for tolls charged to your account prior to your notification to us. To deactivate your transponder online, log into your account .

Tolls and Discounts

How do I know the toll amount?

Tolls on the 91 Express Lanes vary depending on the day, time of day, and direction of travel.

As you approach the entrance to the 91 Express Lanes, you’ll see electronic overhead signs that display the current toll amount to the posted destination. There are two toll segments: one in Orange County and one in Riverside County.

Toll schedules are available online to plan your travels.

Is there a discount for carpooling?

Account holders with three or more people in their vehicle travel toll-free except eastbound, Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 p.m. During this peak time, carpools of three or more receive a 50% discount on the posted toll. All vehicles must drive under the designated 3+ Carpool Lane at both the Orange and Riverside county toll locations to receive the discount.

Is there a discount for a motorcycle?

If you ride a motorcycle, you are eligible for a Special Access account. Special Access account holders can travel toll-free, except eastbound, Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 p.m. During this time, they will receive a 50% discount on the posted toll. All vehicles, including motorcycles, are required to have a properly mounted transponder to use the 91 Express Lanes. If you think you qualify, click here to open a Special Access account.

Is there a discount for clean air vehicles?

If you drive a pure zero-emission vehicle (100% battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell), as certified by the California Air Resources Board, you may be eligible for a Special Access account. Visit www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/carpool/carpool.htm for a list of qualifying vehicles that have an exhaust standard of zero-emission vehicle. Click here to open a Special Access account.

How to use the 91 Express Lanes

Where can I enter and exit the Express Lanes?

There are three entry points and three exit options for both eastbound and westbound travel. Exiting or entering the 91 Express Lanes at points other than those designated is illegal.

91Expresslanes MAP

Which toll price sign shows my toll?

Approximately a quarter of a mile prior to each entry point, an overhead price sign displays the price for the following segment to the posted destination. When travelling both segments, you will see a price sign for the next segment as you approach the end of the first segment. When travelling on the Riverside County segments to or from the 15 Express Lanes, the price sign includes the price for using both the 91 Express Lanes and 15 Express Lanes. The map below shows the price signs and their correlating segments.

Your price is set based on the time you entered the lanes and will not change if you are in the Express Lanes during a price change.

Map 91 price graphic

Where do I pay the toll?

Your toll is paid automatically from your pre-paid account balance. The toll system calculates your toll based on the time you enter the lanes and the segments traveled.

Both the Orange and Riverside county segments have a toll point approximately midway through the segment. Your transponder will register at each segment. There is no place to stop and pay cash on the 91 Express Lanes.

How do you know if I am carpooling?

When you have three or more occupants, you are required to drive through the HOV3+ Carpool Lane at each toll point to receive the carpool discount. When you pass through the toll point, 91 Express Lanes staff and California Highway Patrol are on site to visually verify that your vehicle meets the 3+ requirement. Failure to comply with the carpool requirement could result in a citation from the California Highway Patrol.

Can large trucks or vehicles towing trailers use the Express Lanes?

Unfortunately, no. The only oversized vehicles allowed on the 91 Express Lanes are motor homes and buses.

What if my car breaks down while I am in the Express Lanes?

Our first priority is your safety. We have free tow truck services available to assist you during most hours of operation. The 91 Express Lanes tow trucks are clearly marked with “91 Express Lanes”. Our traffic management center keeps a close eye on the Express Lanes and dispatches help within minutes.

If you experience car trouble, pull as far left as possible and turn on your emergency flashers. If possible, move to an area where there is a widened shoulder. Call 911 and inform them of your issue and location.

Why isn’t there a direct connection to the I-15 North from the 91 Express Lanes?

A connector from the 91 Express Lanes to the future 15 Express Lanes North is underway. The new connector is currently scheduled to open in 2023.


How do I pay a violation?

The easiest way to pay a violation is online, click here. You will need your license plate number. You can also make a payment using our automated phone system at (800) 600-9191.

I am a 91 Express Lanes account holder but still received a violation. What should I do?

You probably received the violation because the vehicle is not listed on your account or your account did not have sufficient funds to pay the toll. You can check the status of your account on this website by going to My Dashboard and making sure all your account and vehicle information is current. If you feel that your transponder may not be working properly, please contact our Customer Service Center and a representative will assist you with receiving a replacement transponder.

I have an account with a different FasTrak toll agency. What do I do to clear a violation from the 91 Express Lanes?

If the transaction occurred within 90 days, contact the customer service center where you received your transponder and add the plate(s) to your account with a date prior to the first violation date to have the toll(s) paid from your account. If the transaction is more than 90 days old but the FasTrak account was valid, contact the 91 Express Lanes customer service center. If the FasTrak account was not valid at the time of the violation the notice of toll evasion will be enforced.

How do I dispute a violation and/or penalty?

The easiest way to dispute a violation and/or penalty is online. You will need your notice ID and license plate. We will investigate the circumstances and provide the results by email and/or mail. If you are not satisfied with the results of the investigation, you can request an administrative review hearing until such time the matter is submitted to a collections agency for enforcement. If you are not satisfied with the results of the administrative review hearing, you can file an appeal with the municipal of superior court.

What if I don’t own the vehicle listed on the violation?

Information contained on the violation is provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you received a violation, you were listed as the registered owner of the vehicle on the date of the violation. If you sold, leased, or rented the vehicle or if it was stolen, simply dispute the violation online. You will need your notice ID and license plate to dispute online, or complete Section A “Affidavit of Non-Liability,” on the reverse side of your violation notice and return it to the address provided on the notice. Section A must be submitted within 30 days from the notice mailing date and must include the required supporting documentation.

How soon must I respond to the Notice of Toll Evasion Violation?

Payment of the Notice of Toll Evasion Violation must be received within 30 days from the notice mailing date. If you choose to dispute the violation, your dispute must be submitted oniine or in writing within 30 days from the notice mailing date. Failure to respond by the due date will result in additional penalties and fees as well as, further collection action, including but not limited to a hold on your vehicle registration.

What address is a Notice of Toll Evasion mailed to?

Violation notices are mailed to the address of the registered owner on file with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

I have disputed a violation and/or penalty, but I am not satisfied with the outcome. What can I do?

If you previously disputed a violation and/or penalty and are not satisfied with the outcome, you may contest the decision by completing a Request for Administrative Review Hearing.

What is the penalty for a violation on the 91 Express Lanes?

Each violation is assessed a $25 initial penalty in addition to the amount of the toll. If you fail to respond to the first Notice of Toll Evasion Viloation, a Notice of Delinquent Toll Evasion Violation will be mailed to you with an additional $30 delinquent penalty. If you fail to respond to the delinquent notice, the violation will be assigned for further collection action, including but not limited to a hold on your vehicle registration and the penalty can escalate to $100 per violation.

I do not have a FasTrak account. However, I had 3 or more people in my vehicle and still received a violation. What should I do?

All vehicles traveling on the 91 Express Lanes, including carpoolers, are required to have a valid FasTrak account in good standing and a FasTrak transponder properly mounted in their vehicle. Contact customer service to discuss or resolve the violation.

I am a 91 Express Lanes account holder, but received a violation from another toll operator. How do I clear the violation with the other toll operator?

Log into your account, add the vehicle and backdate it to cover the period of the violation(s) to have the toll(s) paid from your pre-paid balance. An Account Verification Form may need to be completed and submitted to the other toll agency to verify that you had a valid 91 Express Lanes account which was in good standing at the time that the violation occurred. If the violation is older than 90 days, you will be required to submit payment for the amount of the toll(s) and/or penalties directly to the other toll agency.

I just got a notice from a company called Southwest Credit Systems LP. Who are they and what do they have to do with the 91 Express Lanes?

Southwest Credit Systems LP (SWC) is the collections agency for the 91 Express Lanes. Please understand that correspondence from this company is a legitimate request from a representative of the 91 Express Lanes. . To avoid further collection action, follow instructions to keep your account in good order. To contact SWC please visit www.swcconsumer.com or call 855-974-6077 Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (PST) Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (PST).

Why do I have a hold on my vehicle registration and how can I resolve it?

If a driver fails to pay a Delinquent Notice of Toll Evasion Violation, 91 Express Lanes is authorized under Section 40267 of the California Vehicle Code to place unpaid tolls, fees, and penalties on a vehicle registration hold. A $3 administrative fee is added to each toll violation placed on hold. You may pay the violation(s) that are placed on hold either directly to the DMV with your vehicle registration or to the 91 Express Lanes. A vehicle registration hold will be removed 48-72 hours after a payment is made directly with the 91 Express Lanes. You may pay online at www.91expresslanes.com or call us at (800) 600-9191.