Toll Schedules

The 91 Express Lanes travel through portions of Orange and Riverside countries and toll charges vary.

Orange County

Orange County

Tolls Effective July 1, 2023

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Riverside County Line SR-55

2023 OCTA Westbound


SR-55 Riverside County Line

2023 OCTA Eastbound

Holiday Schedules

The following holiday toll schedule is in effect from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024.

July 4th

OCTA Holiday - 4th of July

Thursday Before Labor Day

OCTA Holiday - Thursday before Labor

Friday Before Labor Day

OCTA Holiday - Friday before Labor

Labor Day

OCTA Holiday - Labor Day

Wednesday Before Thanksgiving

OCTA Holiday - Wed before Thanksgiving


OCTA Holiday - Thanksgiving

Friday after Thanksgiving

OCTA Holiday - Friday after Thanksgiving

Christmas Day

OCTA Holiday - Christmas

New Year's Day

OCTA Holiday - New Year's day

Easter Sunday

OCTA Holiday - Easter Sunday

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Mother's Day

OCTA Holiday - Mother's Day

Memorial Day

OCTA Holiday Toll

* The intent of the holiday schedule is to offer tolls that reflect holiday traffic patterns. If Christmas, New Years or Fourth of July falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, the regular Friday toll schedule will be used the day before the holiday. If the day after Christmas, New Years or Fourth of July is a Friday or Monday, it is assumed these are traditionally light traffic days, therefore, a reduced rate applies (Friday after Thanksgiving rate will be used). If Christmas, New Years or Fourth of July fall on Saturday, it is assumed the Friday before is a traditionally light traffic day; therefore the stated Christmas, New Years or Fourth of July holiday toll schedule applies. It is also assumed that the Thursday before is a heavy traffic day, therefore the regular Friday schedule applies.

Riverside County

The 91 Express Lanes in Riverside County are dynamically priced. Dynamic pricing means toll rates are based on real-time traffic conditions and vary according to the level of congestion. Dynamic pricing aims to keep traffic in the Express Lanes flowing smoothly, resulting in a more reliable trip. The toll is higher when there is more traffic in the Express Lanes and lower when traffic is lighter.

The price can change as frequently as every three minutes and will be reflected on the toll rate signs. The toll displayed on the sign is the amount that will be charged even if it changes during the trip.

During hours of low traffic volumes a minimum toll schedule will be in effect. The current minimum toll schedule is below:

FY 2024 (July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024) Minimum Rates for 91 Express Lanes within Riverside County:



Toll Map

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